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About Stay Melty

Founded on Buff Monster’s art and design, the bright colors and fun characters are uplifting, but they often mask a darker side. Buff Monster has been making small collectible items for over ten years and it’s all been focused into the Stay Melty brand. The brand is more than just Buff Monster’s artwork, it’s an attitude, a movement, a frame of mind. It speaks to our life, our times and the fact that we gotta enjoy it while it lasts. Stay Melty is about seizing the day, enjoying the simple pleasures of life (especially eating ice cream).

“I’ve always enjoyed making little collectible items and I think this new collection is the best I’ve ever done. I think the fun and optimism the pieces radiate is always needed, especially now.” – Buff Monster

Stay Melty produces a variety of quality art collectibles designed to delight and inspire. We do things the old fashioned way, by hand in small production runs. Buff Monster draws all the graphics by hand (on his iPad, instead of ink and paper like he used to). We prepare all the files on the computer, and then we favor production processes that are tactile, like screen printing. The hand drawn graphics and analog production methods allude to a simpler time in the not-too-distant past.

Naturally, sustainability and efficiency guide our operations. We’re based in the Brooklyn. Everything is drawn and designed in the studio and then we produce the piece as locally as we can. Sometimes we make the pieces in the studio, sometimes we work with vendors in New York City or New York State. In any case, we make everything in America whenever possible. We’re a very small company and we prefer to partner with other local small companies.

The brand is new but we’ve been at this for a long time!

We have a lot of plans for growing and we’ll hope you melt with us!