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4 packs - Norwegian Melty Misfits

4 packs - Norwegian Melty Misfits

The Melty Misfits are back and darker than ever! This is the darkest of all MM releases and the most ambitious foreign set of MM we’ve released yet! 12 of cards feature reworked characters from previous releases; 3 of the characters are brand new! And all of them channel true Black Metal from Norway! There is also a full foil set (some are on foil paper, some are hot-foil stamped), and the first-ever (and rare) metal card! It really is a piece of metal, printed with a 4th brand-new character!

The cards are printed on vintage-style chip-back paper (like old baseball cards) and come wrapped in vintage-style wax packs (there are 8 cards per pack).

Four loose packs will have a nice variety of cards and a few foil cards; and will probably contain a full base set.